Monday, May 9, 2011

In a Nutshell

Well, the past month and a half has been a wonderful whirlwind of exciting things, new faces, and great experiences. Now that I have turned in my final project for the semester (Huzzah!) I have time for much more exciting things like updating my blog for the approx. 3 people who actually follow it...just kidding, im sure there are others. I like to at least assume my family does follow on occassion.

The band went nuts when a few of us grabbed the blow-up aliens and started dancing with them.

Intrigued by the fact that I get to poke my way around a new small city, we have ventured down to Flagstaff twice so far. Of course we enjoyed the brewery and venturing downtown but what is always the most fun is finding the quirkiest places after dark to go enjoy a beer. And what did we manage to find? Alien dancing! The band performed a handful of unique covers and were dressed from head to toe in alien attire complete with green lights that would dance around on your face while moving around. Sometime you could not tell who the person next to you was unless these green spots reflected at the right angle. This one was by far my favorite since I do not enjoy the huge/loud/crowded club scene at all. It was small, fun and oddly amazing.

Kim trying to dance quickly and blur the lights...

Martha (future sister-in-law) came to visit this month too. She had a very successfull interview for a math position at Show Low High School and will be moving there come July. We spent 2 days playing tourist. I am looking forward to having both her and Sam here in the same state.

Martha getting sworn in as a junior ranger with Ranger Ally.

In other news, I have recently purchased my first acoustic guitar. Now dont let that fool anyone. I currently have extremely minimal guitar skills. I think the last lesson I had was middle school...but never fear I am learning. I try and pick it up at least once everyday and pick away at it. I can even play a song, however primitively. The ulitimate goal here is to get really good, take my guitar out to the bonfire and play. Maybe even take it out toward the rim and let people throw coins;)...or tomatoes if I start singing.
Gennerally speaking, I like to think of myself as an artist. I try to find creativity in almost everything I do. Interpretation is an art and so is enjoying unique things and finding different ways to do the day to day activities. Sorry this one is short and sweet but basically (in a nutshell) this is a handfull of my lifes activities as of recently. More stories to come shortly as I figure out new ways to tell them. Adios.

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Nice unconformity you are sitting on there!