Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wind Blows Me to the Coast for Winter

Lots of exciting changes are happening. This is the first time that I am able to watch the colors change in Glacier National Park. The aspen's, larches, and dogbane are turning golden as we rapidly approach October in northwest Montana. It truly is a spectacular sight. Eric ( one of my co-workers) and myself hiked up to huckleberry lookout the other day and saw all three seasons in just one hike. This is not uncommon for Montana, mind you. Looking into the northfork was breathtaking. Im starting to recognize that all too familiar knot in my stomach that I get when I know I have to leave this place soon. I will be saying goodbye to Glacier NP on October 3rd and I am trying to enjoy my last week of autumn bliss.

So where will I be going you might ask....I have recently accepted a winter seasonal position at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. One of my former co-workers at Glacier was the one to actually offer me the position as she accepted a permenant position and moved there in July. I am looking forward to working with Rachelle again and also learning about what Cape Hatteras has to offer. I am being brought on October 12th and will work until mid-April. Just in time to return to Glacier!!!!

I am told that I will be giving 2 interpretive programs while I am there. One of these will be a history program and the other a nature walk. A guided walk on the outer bad could that be?? I will also be working the visitor center, doing projects as assigned, and working a museum. I am looking forward to the new experience, learning a great deal, and meeting lots of new people. so if anyone has free time this winter and is up for some warmer weather, surfing, or yummy seafood give me a shout anytime ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Advice from a River

Bowman Creek
Adrien and I managed to spend over an hour just sitting next to Bowman Creek one day. Our intent was to walk up the path a little ways and play around. It felt nice to sit for a while and enjoy the peace. Away from the road, the crowd, the noise was just what I needed.
We sat there for the longest time just staring off down the creek watching the water flow downstream. We can learn alot from water. As I watched it go around the bend taking the path of its own choosing I began to think. Rivers don't ever ask why...they just flow. Coming around that bend they hit obsticles and outsmart them. The river will go where it is destined to go and sometimes the path that looks the easiest is actually the most difficult. The river knows this...and she goes around. Points of chaos equal points of hardship and can be seen on her face as she struggles to stay calm. But sometimes staying placid is too much to ask of her. The further along she mellows out and can relax again as the terrain allows... Rivers do not follow guidelines, or rules, they make their own.
As I continued my weekend up to Crypt Lake I saw yet another stream bed. This time dry and motionless. Even though she has left this spot her power is still there. It can be seen in the rocks that was shaped and changed by the river. Lying motionless it lies and shows a memory of what once was. We shape and change where we have been. That is for sure. Every impact no mater how small is important. And just like the river we leave trails. She is a model for people who feel alone, lost, or confused. She has moved on but has definetly left her mark.