Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

I saw Santa Claus today as I was driving into Walmart. This guy was heavy set, with long white hair and a beard. To top it all of he was wearing a red shirt and a santa hat. As I drove in I could just imagine what all of the customers under the age of eight must have been thinking. All of them pointing and tugging at their parents jackets saying, "Mommy, mommy its Santa!" And later that night they will be asking, "Dad, how come Santa drives a Ford?"

One my way home on the interstate A tan Dodge Intreped sped past me and I had to do a doubletake. Fastened to each side of the roof were reindeer antlers (obviously fake). People take Christmas seriously in Syracuse.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Luck.

Today I unwilingly woke up early to deliver an application to the post office. I never realized just how much I hate the cold until this morning. I've decided that I am moving south next winter. The snow scraper seemed to have little effect on my windshield and I could hear her groan and she struggled to start. As long as I am moving south, I might as well get a new car while I'm at it. Zola is on her last legs. Once i finally got all of the snow off of my windshield and got the car started I headed down to the post office.

I walked in the door, waited in line. When I finally got to the counter the women there was very friendly. She had on reindeer antlers. I think she is one of those people who gets overly excited about the holidays. I am not one of those people. I simply smiled and handed her my envelope addressed to the National Park Service. She weight the envelope and sent it on its way. She handed me my reciept and smiled. "Good Luck!" she said to me. I was actually quite shocked that she new that it was an application. I grinned back and thanked her. This has to be a sign right? Well I will keep telling myself that it is.

Good luck? Yeah. I need that for my finals.